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When I reached the conclusion that I needed to retire from 25 years of clinical medical practice, I was fortunate enough to work with Judi Glova.  Judi brought 100% of herself to each call, focusing all of her kindness, energy, and attention on whatever I felt I needed to discuss.  I always knew I could count on her to support me during difficult times, to see my potential even when I couldn't, and to challenge me when I wasn't living up to it. I knew that she would never sit back and allow me to accept less than what I was capable of. Judi has a wealth of experience, derived from many disciplines, and she generously shared that with me in ways that helped me to become more organized and effective in many realms of my life.  I never knew what she was going to pull out of her bag of tricks, and whatever she did turned out to be extremely helpful.  Thanks to Judi, I now have a larger and more helpful toolbox of my own.  She's fun and playful, while being completely committed to and focused on advancing my agenda.  With her help, guidance, and encouragement, I found a new passion and a new career that feels perfect for who I am, where I want to grow and what I want to contribute.  I would never have accomplished this without Judi.  


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“After many years in the corporate world, I left to pursue my own dream of entrepreneurship.  I took the skills that made me successful – listening, mentoring, accountability and creativity – and found a rewarding career helping others do the same.” - Judi Glova

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