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PR Executive in NYC
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PR Executive in NYC

I would say that Judi has a very forthright but charming style so when she kicks my butt in the nicest way it keeps me accountable and takes my strategic thinking to a new level.  She’s gotten me out of the weeds so I could achieve a kind of leadership altitude and see the big picture.  I appreciate when she holds up the “mirror” so I can see my blind spots.  I don’t focus on the HOW; I focus on the WHAT and allow the HOW to unfold thanks to Judi.


Judi Glova1

“After many years in the corporate world, I left to pursue my own dream of entrepreneurship.  I took the skills that made me successful – listening, mentoring, accountability and creativity – and found a rewarding career helping others do the same.” - Judi Glova

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Email: infodesk@pinnacle-coach.com~ Phone: (908)391-4261                                    Linked In: judiglova Twitter: pinnacle_coach Facebook: 274706492571516