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Automotive Industry Executive
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Automotive Industry Executive

“Judi is my go-to-person when I need to bring my team’s leadership skill to the next level and we co-create the best program so there are no surprises.  She’s not a trainer that gives us another binder for our bookshelf; she’s a learning facilitator who guides my team through experiential exercises to adopt new skills for the long-term.  And she coaches me to be a better coach for my team.”
 International Leadership Institute, Retired Executive (Drew)
“Shortly after Judi started her firm, I hired her to facilitate leadership programs because of her natural ability (instincts) to see where leaders needed to shift their derailing behaviors, her business savvy, and her ability to relate to diverse business audiences.  For over 5 years I’ve seen her skill to empower executives toward transformation.”


Judi Glova1

“After many years in the corporate world, I left to pursue my own dream of entrepreneurship.  I took the skills that made me successful – listening, mentoring, accountability and creativity – and found a rewarding career helping others do the same.” - Judi Glova

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